If the issue that is bothering you is relatively recent such as:
  • Losing a job or getting a promotion which has led to greater stress
  • a relationship has broken down, or become more serious
  • multiple negative life events have happened at the same time over-whelming you
  • you’ve witnessed something unpleasant, or something bad has happened to you

then you may just need a few sessions to debrief and create some strategies to cope.

The Biology

A lot of who we are is actually wired into our systems, our neural networks. So if we are relatively well before the event happened, then in  a way like an elastic band, we will return to where we we’re before the event ‘stretched’ us. This is because in order for real change to happen, we need to literally grow new wiring in the brain. And this takes effort and time. It is much easier to just return to our previous state. Counselling therefore in situations like these is really facilitating a natural process, and making sure you don’t get stuck.

If you’d like to know more about how sessions work: F.A.Q.s & Fees.