Richard made it possible for me to uncover areas of my life that were hard to manage and relate to, then helped me find better and more balanced approach allowing me to yield significant visible improvements in those areas. I’d strongly recommend working with him.


I found the therapy very beneficial. Jefferson worked with me as I learned to own and process my feelings, and to recognize and accept the impacts of my troubled past. Avoiding rejection and disapproval is no longer a primary concern. These small but significant changes together have brought me to a place where I feel, … Continue reading IT Manager

IT Manager

It would be fair to say I had viewed the idea of counselling with some scepticism. I come from a macho profession in which people are expected to simply lick their wounds, and move on. But seeing Richard was transformational, and one the best things I have done for myself. I highly recommend him to … Continue reading Lawyer


I learned to hear my inner dialogue, to feel the emotions and be comfortable with all that is going on. Helped with the  fear or the natural resisting and burying of “bad” parts of me… so I now see them as “just one part of many making up a balanced whole” … ‘bad’ was not … Continue reading Teacher