It would be fair to say I had viewed the idea of counselling with some scepticism. I come from a macho profession in which people are expected to simply lick their wounds, and move on. But seeing Richard was transformational, and one the best things I have done for myself. I highly recommend him to anyone who is facing personal, relationship or professional problems, or who simply feels in need of psychological assistance, counselling or support.

I saw Richard for several months during an extremely difficult time in my personal and professional life. I was facing enormous pressures at work and relationship breakdown at home. I was psychologically and emotionally unwell. Richard worked with me through all of these issues, and explored with me traumatic events which I had not been comfortable discussing with anyone for a long time.

Richard is one of the most intelligent people I have dealt with. He has incredible insight. His analysis is discerning, tangible and constructive. I found him to also be extremely supportive and compassionate. Furthermore, it was obvious to me that Richard spent significant amounts of time analysing my problems and preparing for our sessions. As a legal professional, I was impressed at seeing how much effort Richard dedicated to this.

― Lawyer