“Movement is the medium in which we live our lives.”

Psychotherapy and Counselling

In Clerkenwell EC1, and Chiswick W4

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If you’re stressed, just need someone to talk to, not sure which way to go, maybe feeling a little confused or isolated, then counselling can help.

Talking in a neutral setting can be very helpful as it can assist you in finding ways around problems that have maybe been around for years, or getting through something more recent.

To do this, I try to understand your situation, to either find ways of coping or new ways of living.

This process can at times be difficult, and therefore it is always done with a serious attention given to patience and acceptance.

Most of the time, the the issue that is causing us stress is either anxiety or depression, or some combination of the two.


These feelings of despondency and rejection can be experienced in many ways. Some people can become very angry and explosive when depressed, while others can start to see the world as ‘grey’ and lose energy becoming tired and withdrawn. Winston Churchill used to call it his “black dog”, and the character Holly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” referred to it as:“getting the mean reds”. In other words, many very successful people from world leaders to writers experience these moods, so it’s certainly nothing to hide, and may in time may become something of an ally.


Anxiety is a response to a situation that has an uncertain outcome; it’s dealing with the unknown. The way this is experienced again can vary: for some they might not even feel ‘anxious’, rather a background tension with a lot of physical aches and pains, especially in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Others though might feel panicky, or anxious many times a day, fearing social contact, or particular situations. Again though, like depression, many very successful people through history have reported coping with anxiety, and even how at times it helped them.


Richard made it possible for me to uncover areas of my life that were hard to manage and relate to, then helped me find better and more balanced approach allowing me to yield significant visible improvements in those areas. I’d strongly recommend working with him.


I found the therapy very beneficial. Jefferson worked with me as I learned to own and process my feelings, and to recognize and accept the impacts of my troubled past. Avoiding rejection and disapproval is no longer a primary concern. These small but significant changes together have brought me to a place where I feel, … Continue reading IT Manager

IT Manager

It would be fair to say I had viewed the idea of counselling with some scepticism. I come from a macho profession in which people are expected to simply lick their wounds, and move on. But seeing Richard was transformational, and one the best things I have done for myself. I highly recommend him to … Continue reading Lawyer


I learned to hear my inner dialogue, to feel the emotions and be comfortable with all that is going on. Helped with the  fear or the natural resisting and burying of “bad” parts of me… so I now see them as “just one part of many making up a balanced whole” … ‘bad’ was not … Continue reading Teacher